summer of 2013

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RESPONSE: The DragonFly Method is such a helpful tool for understanding the social media world. It is so funny to me, because after I read everything, I think to myself “That makes such sense, of course!” But it really takes someone to write it out and create a simple format for introducing ideas to make you realize the simplicity of social media technology. I feel as though this book, and this class, has benefitted me in just the ways of communication. Whether through social media or not, there are some keys things you can learn from the Dragonfly Effect that teach you how to engage people and keep thier attention, as well as how to help you control your own fears and happiness. 

TRACKING: I went to a concert June 12, and after I was interested to see if the band has posted anything about the show on social media websites. I found Say Anything on twitter and they had posted about the show and even posted a picture. It was so cool to see how they were updating about shows and different tour happenings. I followed them on Twitter, as well as a few more bands that I like. 

Also, I posted an instagram picture and hashtagged the band name and the venue and before I knew it, I was getting likes from random people who had looked up the band name. And they were commenting on my photo, “awesome pic” or “this show was the best!” It was fun to see the social media support for this band.

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RESPONSE: I really enjoy this book. Mainly, because of the examples it gives that are so current and tie together design tactics each chapter tries to explain. Today the “wing” was Grab Attention and they gave a platform on which to do this and explained the importance of knowing and relating to your audience and displaying your content in a way that constantly engages them.

TRACKING: well I started adding people on twitter today. I am already following about 50 of my friends. Whoops. I am afraid of being bombarded with updates from people. Sometimes, you just want to leave things up for question rather than knowing what everyone is up to all the time. It’s gives me a headache keeping track of Facebook, Instagram, vine, tumblr, twitter, email etc. A literal headache!

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RESPONSE: the dragonfly effect is a very interesting book, and I am happy to be reading it. Whether I pursue social media and social good causes or not, I believe the material presented in this book will be helpful in making everyday decisions about goals we want to achieve for our benefit and the benefits of others. I liked responding to the questions for the quiz, I think it made me go back into the text and more thoroughly realize why designing a social media goal should be done with the dragonfly method.

TRACKING: I used Netflix today to watch a show I was I to spring semester called “The Killing” but after that, I was busy with homework and friends, possibly a two hour nap too, and then relaxed. I keep exploring tumblr, I don’t believe that if I were to start a blog I’d use tumblr, I feel as though Wordpress would be a better option. I used Wordpress a little bit for my journalism class in high school (that’s why I chose to use tumblr-something new) and on Wordpress there just seems like a lot more customization could be done.

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TRACKING: My mom is trying to get me to be an active user of LinkedIn. I joined, and added her, but haven’t done much else. I’m having her and my dad help me set it up tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to add some of her connections at Disney for future summer opportunities like internships or part time jobs.
Today I also spent some time on Pinterest, looking at specific businesses pages rather than the category “funny” or “food&drink.” I never knew that so many businesses were utilizing Pinterest in such a way, let alone at all and it’s interesting to see the creative ways social media is molded into by companies.

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RESPONSE: for some reason my post didn’t send yesterday on my tumblr app, I must not have had good reception when I hit post, but I’ll just put two in one on here:
Pinterest is an interesting website and one the most addictive. The statistics for who uses this website the most did not surprise me although I thought it might surprise others, but when I told them the fact that 80% of Pinterest users are female they replied, “that doesn’t surprise me.” I guess it has a clear demographic. There just be something pleasing to the eye that works for women, like organization or images, that doesn’t appeal to the men. Anyways, I searched Urban Outfitters and Food Network and saw a huge difference in the amount of repinning done by the followers of this business. It’s surprising how far reaching their material can be as it gets spread across individuals’ boards.
TRACKING: (yesterday) I used the apps on my phone a lot: Facebook, vine, Instagram, tumblr etc. I think I was just bored so I was constantly checking for updates to keep me busy. At night I used urbanspoon to look up reviews for a restaurant I wanted to try called Matilda’s. I looked up its menu and comments about some of the items through urban spoons website. It was interesting to see the massive amounts of pictures and reviews this restaurant has although it is just a month or two old. I’m happy the food blogging realm of social media is bumpin’.
Today I was less in touch with any social media. I went to the mall with my mom and then read while a huge storm came through the city. So even if I wanted to go on the computer, television or use wifi on my phone, connection was completely lost so I just took that as a sign to relax and read “This Side of Paradise” by F. Scott Fitzgerald :)

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Response: YouTube is a powerful tool. It can be very personal and an attractive way of getting messages across to billions of people. Some of my friends from high school would do monologues on YouTube, get seen, and be asked to perform in local plays, so I KNOW that people are searching and narrowing down videos on this collective video site. It is amazing how many businesses have YouTube accounts. NYtimes does, record labels do and aspiring cooks do as well. It was fun to look at these directions people take to utilize YouTube.

Tracking: I went to a coffeeshop today to do my work, and I wanted to know if they had wifi, so I checked their website, on my phone, browsed their page, their links to twitter/Facebook, and ended up having to go on urban spoon to find out that yea they did. I could’ve called but I kinda wanted to see if more modern forms of social connections could be used to do this. It was a web if interactions and links. But I used my phone apps for all of those searches. How convenient?!

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RESPONSE: after signing up with Linked In, I realized what a good source of social media it is. I always thought of it as boring, and for older people either super successful or striving for a job. I’m glad my views have changed.

TRACKING: I’m enjoying my account on Vine. It’s funny because the app hasn’t been out for long, but there are already “Vine Celebrities” like there was when YouTube first came out. It started making me think of what else will come, I didn’t think of much, but there is definitely a push toward visual interaction.

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TRACKING: today I used my computer a lot for Twitter research. I also got a vine, it’s an app that records what you want for like ten seconds I believe. I was experimenting with that a little. I’m starting to feel like there are too many social media websites!!
I hung out with my friend all day, we are attempting to write a book. The book will be based in the 50s so we were researching and watching documentaries to just put ourselves in the era.

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RESPONSE: After I spent like two hours on Pitchfork’s website, I finally created a twttier account to research the Pitchfork Media’s business on there. (This is why I try to stay away from computers, they can get you hooked for hours.) Twitter is crazy, I feel so disorganized on there, but I know I felt that way when I signed up for Facebook and Tumblr and so on. Right when I signed up, they had me like a number of Twitter accounts, I picked my favorite artists and celebrities and continued walking through how to use Twitter. I dont feel like I need the constant update that Twitter gives people, but I can see how that can be useful. I really need to just get used to that form of social media before I start criticizing or praising it. 

Pitchfork updates daily, even more than that, with awesome announcements. Just what the music lover wants to see. It is easier, I imagine to just see on Twitter the row of announcements, rather than go to Pitchfork’s website and scroll, click, link etc to get all the quick announcements. Not everything can fit on a homepage for a website, but almost everything can fit on a homepage for Twitter if you are using just one sentanced anouncements. 

Ill finish my day and track how much media I used later. It’s too early to tell :)